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>  5/2003

>  On the spur of the moment, my dad and I took this trip down to Dale Hollow lake to fish with his buddy, Howard. We left at like 4 am and got to Howard's place at 7. We were on the lake by 7:30. It was a foggy dramatic morning, and after a good fried chicken lunch, the sun came out and scorched us. Nevertheless, the day was a fun day of fishing and we caught a lot of great smallmouth, and one catfish (which Howard kept). We fished with shad that one of Howard's buddies caught Howard was a gracious guide, and amazingly able and active 70+ year old--giving hope to all. He also goes down as one of the best story tellers I have ever met. He can keep you laughing all day long without a thought about it. Til next time, here's some picts.

01foggy_morning 02dads_big_one 03ignore_the_shades 04dads_big_grin
05dads_bigger_grin 06story_time 07howard_and_old_man